Reducer, a few hours ago


More Than Human Radio #114 - Podcast & Playlist -

Recent connect_icut/Fieldhead track contained therein.



From my mangled post-festival brain sprang forth the following 60 minutes of electronic treats. It was especially nice to preview the new Kemper Norton LP out in Oct on Front and Follow (pictured above).

Anyway here’s the show for you:

And here’s the playlist:

Motor System by Lee Gamble

Pinto (Edit) by Antenna Happy

Kin to Coal by Vessel

Ostiaz by Kemper Norton

Cameron Estate by Kemper Norton

He’s a Liquid by I Speak Machine

Summerland (Belbury Poly Mix) by John Foxx & The Maths

Ahull by Loscil

Tennis Players (Fieldhead Remix) by Connect_icut

Motoman by Running

Prepostpheo (08/06/1996) by T.E.W.